MACH All Engineers Team
"Staff" is the most important assets of MACH. We are convinced that each individual is the irreplaceable source of value in a team. MACH values a staff with excellent working attitude, emphasizes team work, respects each engineer’s occupational dignity and endeavors to create good environment to inspire employees so that every member will keep high enthusiasm on work, devote his best talent positively and throw into goal for learning to grow with team. For this reason, we strictly implement the matters involved with working attitude and team works such as the staff training, reward system, recreational activities, sports contests…etc.

“Team” achieves MACH perfect performance. Human-oriented basis in MACH, with energetic and enthusiastic atmosphere, we establish a young all engineers team, Introduce various quality system certification deliberately and TTQS educational training to enhance staff ability systematically and consolidate every engineers professional constitution. Currently, from process planning, production, testing and other aspects, MACH has excellent engineers to follow the strict operating procedures SOP, strict quality inspection control in order to achieve outstanding performance.