Excellent Control Of The Manufacturing Environment

Jul 14, 2017

Environmental control = Variables control.

MACH has built a modern plant from independent foundation for processing machine, constant temperature and humidity control in processing and measuring environment, dust-free compartment walls, central water cooling control of coolant, lighting planning as well as strict access control. We attain the key performance of every variable under control to provide steady product for customers.

■ Foundation planning of the plant

MACH designs independent foundation according to the location of each processing machine to prevent outer environmental vibration to affect process quality.

■ Strict access control

MACH abides customers' products become confidential. From the administrative department, design department, laboratory and all processing sectors, factory, all officers in MACH shall be in accordance with the internal work content and rank to put on their employee identification proximity card set for different level of authorities. Strict access control implements confidentiality agreement between the customers.

■Low-dust design of precision processing plant

MACH has climate control, humidity control, lighting control and using dust-free grade of walls for precision process department plant to reduce the particles in the processing environment.

■Temperature control in the precision process plant

To enhance the processing precision and quality, MACH precision process plant controls the temperature to 25 ℃ ± 1.5 ℃, in order to stabilize the quality standardization.

■Constant temperature control in coordinate inspection laboratory

To ensure the accuracy of the quality control testing and the specimen is not reformatted by temperature difference, strict control of temperature in inspection laboratory is in accordance with international standards 22 ℃ ± 1 ℃.